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Monday-Friday 8 am to 6 pm


"I have been a patient of Betty Bulich at Del Mar Physical Therapy for many years, starting with post-surgical therapy after a knee replacement, then again after the other knee was replaced, and subsequently for other joint and back problems as well as accident-caused injuries. Betty was instrumental in my recovery from every situation that required physical therapy. Having had severe orthopedic problems all my life, I have seen many PTs. But I have never had one as skilled, intuitive, creative, or empathetic as Betty. She is a magician! I came to her upon the recommendation of a friend, and have since recommended many other friends to her and to Del Mar Physical Therapy. Everyone who works there is wonderful, and the office setting is a peaceful and healing environment."

Anne Farrell

"I would like to add my voice to the many clients of Del Mar Physical Therapy who seem to universally appreciate the care and rehabilitative services provided by this team of professional physical therapists and staff assistants.The quest for the 'right' physical therapist can be a long journey, unless you are one of the lucky people who know of Del Mar Physical Therapy. Lucky me, my wife first found DMPT as a referral from a friend for recovery from a hip replacement. I came to see Darren and DMPT due to arthroscopic knee operations that threatened to take my life-long pursuit of skiing out of the equation. But it's back on the table now.

Here's why: Darren Malliinson is a hands-on therapist, who combines knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and a wealth of knowledge about the ways the body works and heals. Darren, his business partner, Bob Quintas, and his assistants take an interest in the person being treated, not just the treatment schedule, and are genuinely engaged in seeing you get better. The treatment is disciplined, but also enlightened by insight and encouraged by the enthusiasm of the staff. I personally believe that physical therapy doesn't get better than this."

Steve Butcher

"Bob Quintas and all the folks at Del Mar Physical Therapy are talented healers. I came to Bob after my doctor prescribed physical therapy for a reverse shoulder replacement. This is a tricky operation, often painful, but Bob's unique gift for using accu-pressure erased pain and enabled motion. Thanks also to the warm and friendly staff and happy atmosphere. Plus, by gradually increasing exercises prescribed by Bob, my recovery was rapid and almost miraculous."

Pat Welsh

"I have been a patient of Bob Quintas at Del Mar Physical Therapy for over 14 years. I started out after I had a bad fall in a market. He has treated me for my hips, shoulders, neck and feet. He is truly a miracle worker and I see him about twice a year for 'tune-ups.' I'm so grateful that I have been able to go to him for all my ailments - he is the BEST! His office staff is friendly and professional and I can't think of a better Physical Therapy facility to go."

Jill Coughlin

"Betty's expertise is remarkable in that she is able to locate and address the source of a physical problem, then provide the patient with almost immediate relief. Her follow-up exercises enable the patient to strengthen and reduce pain in the afflicted area."

Nancy Herrington